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My 1989 Volkswagen Jetta GL

a.k.a. "Bob the Jetta"

This Jetta came to me in an interesting way. When you have a passion for things, you become known as the "THING" person. Since I had always loved Volkswagens, I became the "VW" guy. In 2016 a friend messaged me on Facebook: her boss was trying to sell his 93 year old father's car. The Jetta hadn't been driven in a few years and the car needed a new owner. They were prepared to sell to their local Honda dealership, but knew the car would be scrapped or sold to someone as a beater. While not perfect, and with only 67,000 miles, this car deserved better.

For a small amount of money, the Jetta came home to live with me. I've been puttering with it ever since. Like any old car, it has issues. Some items I've had to address:

  • Non-working brakes

  • Sluggish transmission

  • Non-working headlights

  • Non-working brakelights

The owner and his son were both named Robert, so this Jetta has been affectionately named Bob the Jetta. I think it's a very fitting name for the little car: solid, honest, no frills.

If you want to know more about this car, just search for #bobthejetta on Instagram.

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